2020 Owner Loan Campaign to Launch on March 23!

Our team of volunteers has been busy preparing for our 2020 Owner Loan Campaign which will build on the smashing success of our 2019 Owner Loan Campaign. We raised $1.7 million in the 2019 campaign and hope to raise $1 million or more in this year’s campaign.

Earlier this year we received approval for bank financing. So, why are we launching a new Owner Loan Campaign? Very simply, we greatly prefer to minimize our borrowings from banks. Every dollar we raise from our Co-op owners helps to keep control local and saves money for the Co-op while you earn a favorable return. A true win-win-win.

Our Owner Loans will offer our Co-op owners in Virginia a fair return—up to 6% — while putting dollars to work right here in our community.

We are launching the 2020 Owner Loan Campaign as we prepare for a 2020 opening of our community-owned Co-op grocery store focused on healthy local products, best environmental practices, and building an inclusive community.

We have made lots of progress over the last nine months:

  • An awesome store location at 320 Jefferson Davis Highway in Lee Plaza near Captain D’s & Charlie G’s (formerly Hard Times Café). Demolition has been completed and the store design is taking shape. The search is on for top architects and contractors.
  • Chris Roland, our talented General Manager, came on board early February. He has a decade of experience opening and managing two food co-ops and we are excited to have him here in Fredericksburg.
  • Hundreds of new owners have joined our Co-op.

We are grateful for our Co-op’s progress and excited by our future prospects. For more information on being part of our success, please email us at fxbgfoodcoop@gmail.com.

Published March 1, 2020. Updated March 27, 2020.