2021: The Co-op Board’s New Year’s Resolution

January 3, 2021

The New Year’s Eve fireworks displayed on TV and heard in our local area captured perfectly the feelings of hope and excitement of your Food Co-op board as we prepare for the opening of our Co-op Grocery early this year.

Shopping at the Co-op Grocery will be a terrific experience!  We’ll be the friendliest, most welcoming grocery you’ve ever been in.  And the physical store is a gorgeous addition to our community.  We’ll have amazing products, including healthy, affordable options for all.  We know you’ll LOVE shopping at the Co-op Grocery and so will we!!

2021 will be a momentous year for our Co-op Grocery.  Awesome Co-op owners have devoted thousands of hours of volunteer work and invested millions of dollars to make this dream of a community-owned grocery store a wonderful reality for Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas.

Our New Year’s Resolution to you is to never forget WHY this Co-op came into being and to always strive to work collaboratively with the Co-op general manager and staff to ensure that the Co-op achieves its Ends.

One habit of highly effective boards is to “Always start with the End in mind”.  Many corporations focus primarily on being profitable and enriching their investors.  Financial strength is vital for a business to survive, but our Co-op will always work to balance the triple goals of People, Planet and Profits.

So, what are the Co-op’s Ends or goals?  Here are the key points.

Because we exist, our area will have a community-owned Grocery Co-op that fosters:

  • Inclusive Community: A vibrant community that is resilient, well connected and inclusive, with a Co-op that welcomes ALL to gather, enjoy healthy food and conversation while promoting physical, mental and social well-being.
  • Focus on LOCAL Producers: Successful and sustainable farms and producers as well as educated consumers that recognize the value and benefits of locally sourced foods and products.
  • Environmental Sustainability: A model for sustainable environmental stewardship.
  • Financial Strength: A community-owned business that is strong, profitable and successful; fairly compensates and cares for employees and suppliers; honors its volunteers; and upholds its commitments.

We can’t wait to shop with you at the Fredericksburg Food Co-op.

Your Co-op Board:  Angie Noll, Els Van Wingerden, Gerald Anderson, Jonathan Stevens, Kathy Carmine, Lonnie Williams, Michael Spragins, Rich Larochelle, Valerie Setzer