June 7, 2021

A core value of our Co-op is to WELCOME everyone.  We are NOT a members-only club. We embrace all.  We are super proud of our Co-op and we invite ALL to shop and enjoy our store.

Recently, we took a giant step forward in making the Co-op more accessible. Our Co-op is now accepting payments via SNAP/ebt.  And soon we will be doubling the purchasing power of those using SNAP/ebt to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.  Thanks to the Virginia Fresh Match Program, anyone purchasing $20 of fresh fruits and vegetables from the Co-op using SNAP/ebt will receive an additional $20 in free produce!  This is just one way we are helping to reduce food insecurity in our community — by helping people to stretch their food dollars.  This also provides a great incentive for those purchases to be healthy, fresh produce.


We have more good news!  Soon we will be providing an additional discount on other groceries purchased with SNAP/ebt of about 10%.  This is the result of the fabulous generosity of many, many businesses and people, including many of you, who donated via sponsorships, personal donations and participation in our recent “Food for All Co-op 5K”.  We received donations from 18 organizations and from 62 individuals.  Overall, we raised more than $20,000.  A very special thanks goes out to our Gold Carrot, Silver Carrot, and Bronze Carrot donors.  If you missed the “Food for All Co-op 5K,” but would still like to help out, you can still donate here.  All proceeds will be used to reduce food insecurity in the Fredericksburg area by reducing the cost of groceries purchased at the Co-op with SNAP/ebt.

Helping to make healthy food available to all in our community is at the core of who we are as a Co-op.  It’s just one of the ways that we WELCOME all to the Co-op table.  We believe that good food brings us together as a community and that it should be accessible to all.  We’re thrilled that, although we’ve only been open for a bit more than two months, the Co-op is already making real progress in fulfilling our mission of welcoming all.

Please know that EVERYONE belongs at the Co-op.  We’re thrilled every time you walk into our Co-op and we’re always excited to see our Co-op community grow.