Help us reduce hunger in Fredericksburg and improve nutrition for families in our community

May 13, 2023

Individually, none of us can solve the problems of hunger and food insecurity experienced by many families, children and elderly people in our city and region.
But TOGETHER we can do a lot to reduce the problem.
That’s why we are asking you to consider making a donation to support our Co-op’s efforts to reduce hunger. You can do this by: (A) simply making a donation; (B) participating in our June 10, 2023 Food for All Co-op 5K or (C) Being a Sponsor of our 2023 Food for All Co-op 5K.

A core value of our Co-op is doing our part to make healthy food affordable for all in our community. Because of that Core Value, we launched our Food for All initiative in 2021. Through Food for All, we help families using SNAP/ebt to stretch their grocery dollars while also incentivizing healthy eating. We do this by reducing the cost of produce (fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables) for our customers using SNAP/ebt. Research has shown that a balanced diet that includes ample amounts of fruits and vegetables is important for good health, for both children and adults.

We are the only grocery store between Richmond and Washington DC that provides these Food for All discounts to our neighbors.

This is how it works: Co-op shoppers using SNAP/ebt get two benefits:

  1. 50% off fruits and vegetables purchased at the Co-op. The cost of this part of our Food for All Program is currently being covered by Virginia Fresh Match. We are grateful for that support.
  2. Coupons for Free fruits and vegetables equal to 20% of their grocery bill. The cost of this benefit is currently being covered by funds raised at our Annual Food Co-op 5K Walk/Run, by your Donations, and by Sponsorships.