July 2021 Update from GM

July 11, 2021

Happy anniversary to us!  Can you believe the Co-op just celebrated our three-month anniversary?  We have SO MUCH to be HAPPY about!

A huge thank you to all the folks (about 2000 each week) who’ve taken the plunge and changed where they buy groceries.  It’s a big deal to start a new habit and shop in a different place.  You don’t know where everything is and we may not have all the same stuff you’re used to buying.  We get it.  All that said, many of you have become regulars and we couldn’t be happier that you did.


Of course we love our owners — they made it possible for us get this beautiful store built — but we love ALL our customers.  We hear that lots of folks still think that you have to be an owner to shop at the Co-op.  We want to make it clear that ALL ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE CO-OP.  You do NOT have to be an owner to shop at the Fredericksburg Food Co-op.  You can all help by spreading the word.  Tell your neighbors, family, friends, everyone, that the Co-op is a grocery store Open To All.

Another BIG DEAL that we’re happy about is that our Co-op is now offering Virginia Fresh Match. This means that if you buy fruits and vegetables at the Co-op using SNAP/EBT you can literally double how much you can purchase for the same price! This program is one of the ways that we are working to fulfill our mission to make healthy foods available and affordable for everybody in our community. Come by the store to learn more about the Virginia Fresh Match program.  It’s easy and available to anyone paying with EBT.

Our suggestion box just above on the left.

We are also delighted about all the great feedback we’ve been getting, both positive and suggestions to get even better.  The local product recommendations, signage suggestions, new features (thank you cyclists!), even store music requests, have been so informative and helpful.  This truly is a grocery store built by and for the people of Fredericksburg.  We want to make sure this store is what our owners and customers want and need.  If you haven’t given us any feedback yet, please do.  You can reach out on social media, by email (gm@fxbgfood.coop), or leave a note in our suggestion box in the store (pictured at left).  

With every day and every customer suggestion, we’re improving the Co-op shopping experience.  Thank you all so much for your support.  We look forward to seeing you in the aisles!

Cooperatively Yours,

Chris Roland
General Manager
Fredericksburg Food Co-op