June 2020 Update from GM Chris Roland

June 7, 2020

I can understand why information from our food co-op can feel unimportant right now.  With so much upheaval, chaos and injustice going on, a grocery store should certainly take a back seat to that.  But I would submit that food co-ops are more than grocery stores.  If you take a quick look at the 7 co-op principles, you get an idea of all the good and equity that co-ops are built on:

  • Voluntary and Open Ownership (open and welcome to all)
  • Democratic Owner Control (one share, one vote)
  • Owners’ Economic Participation (YOU and your neighbors own the store)
  • Autonomy and Independence (we decide for ourselves, not a distant corporate office)
  • Education, Training, and Information (food and education together)
  • Cooperation Among Cooperatives (help from other community co-ops)
  • Concern for Community (local dollars to local producers to help our local economy)

Our store will be more than a great place to shop, but will serve as a year round market for local growers and producers, incorporate the best environmental practices, provide new career opportunities for 35+ folks, be a hub for an inclusive community over shared values and support the good work of other area non-profit organizations.

We can’t wait to open our doors to the greater Fredericksburg community and every week that passes we get closer to that reality. Soon we’ll be going to the city for permits and breaking ground on our remodel. We’re wrapping up our design process and will be ordering our first equipment soon. After that will come a lot of hiring of good folks from all over our community.

Finally, on May 28 we sent out a survey asking a few questions about what you’d like the Fredericksburg Food Co-op to be. Whether you want us to buy from a certain beef farm, carry your favorite flavor of coconut ice cream, or would like us to work with a local charity on food access, you can let us know in the survey. If you haven’t filled it out yet, please take a few minutes to complete it so we can add your voice to the hundreds that are helping us shape the Co-op. Thanks everyone. Stay safe and be kind out there. Can’t wait to see you in the store!

Chris Roland
General Manager