Welcome to the Wellness Corner!

My name is Ashley, and I have been in the role of Wellness Buyer since early November 2022. I was thrilled to step into this position last fall, as my own journey to wellness has left me with a lot of experiences (and a lot of trial-and-error) that I am eager to share with you.

In addition to the wellness department, I also manage our bulk section. Two seemingly different departments that, I have found, actually overlap a bit if we were to look at an individual’s wellness as a well-rounded journey. For example, you can find an assortment of single-herb supplements in the wellness department in the forms of capsules, tinctures, or powders, but you can also find a variety of dry herbs, roots & powders in our bulk department. By offering some of the foundational supplies that every wellness connoisseur needs in their toolkit, co-op patrons have the opportunity to get hands-on with their healing.

And for me, wellness isn’t just about my physical body, but how I move through the world and the impact I leave on our planet. In this way, bulk offers people an opportunity to move away from single-use packaging by bringing in their own containers to fill in our bulk department. 

Again, wellness is a journey with many ups & downs. Beyond keeping our shelves stocked and bulk bins filled, I am here to offer assistance in whatever way I can to help you on this path.

Featured Wellness Items 

Join me at the UMW Health and Wellness Fair on March 14 from Noon – 5 PM. This event is open to ALL!

I will be showcasing the following brands with samples:

Host Defense

Mad Hippie

Walnut Hollow – Find out more about this local company by visiting their Facebook or Instagram

Back Roads – We offer this brand in our bulk section as well.

Informational Websites


Healing tips and guidance primarily through whole food plant-based diet that has aided me greatly in my own healing


So many of these recipes have been *life* changing for me with my vegan & gluten-free diet. The range is from beginners to intermediate, so there is something for everyone


A beginner’s guide to herbalism was my first dive into the world of herbal medicine and healing. I continue to routinely consult it before making any herbal remedies with the herbs I get at the co-op


A local farm whose products we carry in our bulk section that makes beautiful tea blends as well as offers herbal education.