Why I Shop at the Co-op #1

July 11, 2021

Our Food Co-op owners are a diverse and interesting group of neighbors.  We’ll be asking many of them to share their experience shopping at the Co-op. 

This month, Jeremy Larochelle told us why he shops at the Co-op.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

We’ve lived in Fredericksburg for 15 years and are life-long vegetarians. We love to paddle and bike in the Fredericksburg area. We do about 99% of our shopping at the Food Co-op.

When did you first hear about the Co-op?

When the first conversations started over six years ago. It’s been very exciting seeing the progression from idea to the wonderful reality of having this great store here in our city.

What are your favorite products at the Co-op?

The produce is beautiful. Also, the challah bagels are the real deal NY bagel and the best I’ve had in Virginia. I’ve been really enjoying the eggplant sandwich out on the patio. We also really appreciate having the bulk section. We love all of the vegan and vegetarian options.

What do you love most about the Co-op?

The fact that it is owned by the community rather than outside investors like most of our local supermarkets.  The staff are fantastic and very welcoming.  The store has also become a wonderful meeting place with book clubs, live music, and lots of folks meeting up for lunch out on the patio.

Have you ever made a suggestion to the Co-op and what was it?

My daughter loves the Annie’s vegan pancake mix and now it is on the shelves at our local Food Co-op.

What advice would you have for someone thinking about checking out the Co-op?

Head over as soon as you can — you’ll be wowed by this awesome community-owned grocery store.  And while you’re at it, become an owner, grab a cool “I own a grocery store with a bunch of my friends” bag, and join us!