Why I Shop at the Co-op #10

April 8, 2022

Caroline and Ryder appreciate the friendliness of the Food Co-op.

Please tell us a bit about yourselves.

Enjoying delicious smoothies while shopping at the Food Co-op

We moved to Fredericksburg in 2021 from Washington, DC. Caroline is originally from Texas and Ryder is from Georgia. Caroline is the National Director of Development for a rare disease non-profit and Ryder leads the US business development team for a security barrier company! We love to be outdoors, travel and spend time with our dog, Trout. We recently bought an older home near downtown Fredericksburg and love doing renovation projects on the weekends.

When did you first hear about the Co-op?

We first heard about the Co-op when we moved into our new house here in Fredericksburg! We had seen yard signs throughout town and decided to check it out . . . immediately we realized that the Co-op would be our favorite spot in town. We joined right away as Co-op owners and then when we saw that the Co-op was inviting owners to run for the board, I (Caroline) threw my hat in the ring as a way to get to know the community and to serve others. I was delighted to be elected. As a Co-op board member I’m really enjoying learning more about the Co-op, I love working with the other board members and I appreciate the mission and core values of the Co-op.

What are your favorite products at the Co-op?

It’s challenging to just pick a few . . . but lately a staple in our home has been the Green Chili Cheese Tucson Tamales, the spinach dip from the prepared foods section, and all the wonderful produce the Co-op has to offer. We also love coming to the store for a quick easy dinner . . . a smoothie and the Cuban sandwich are a meal we have at least once a week!

What do you love most about the Co-op?

We love how friendly everyone is. It’s more than just a grocery store for us. It’s a place we feel comfortable going any day, any time of the week!

Have you ever made a suggestion to the Co-op and what was it?

We’ve made a few suggestions. When the store first opened, we made use of the request box that is just to the left of the recycle bins as you are leaving the store. We wrote a request and placed it in the request box — for Siete Green Chili Enchilada Sauce. It was in the store the following week! We also asked the Co-op to have breakfast options in the prepared foods section and soon after those were available. We appreciate so much how quickly our suggestions were added to the store!

What advice would you have for someone thinking about checking out the Co-op?

The Co-op is hands down the best place to shop in Fredericksburg. It’s affordable, easy to shop in, welcoming and has so many fun products. You can find great deals on products that are great for you. If you’re interested in becoming an owner, don’t hesitate to ask anyone on the board or in the store about becoming one and the benefits.