Why I Shop at the Co-op #2

August 7, 2021

Gloria  Lloyd shares her reasons and tips for shopping at the Co-op.

Gloria shopping with a t-shirt bag!

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I moved to Fredericksburg with my husband Bob 21 years ago. The idea was to retire. However, when I was offered a job at Mary Washington Hospice as a bereavement counselor, I accepted with joy and worked for twelve meaningful years. Thirty years ago I chose to eat a plant-based diet.  The choice aligned with my commitment to the environment and my health. I am the mother of five, grandmother of eight. In September I will be a great-grandmother!

When did you first hear about the Co-op?

Six years ago, when it was an idea/vision, I became a founding Food Co-op board member.  So amazing to be part of the evolution from idea/vision to a beautiful store.

What are your favorite products at the Co-op?

Bob’s favorite is the vegan corn beef — he thinks it is the best he has ever had (including the animal version). My favorites are the bulk bin items.  It’s great to take my jars and fill them with beans, oats, rice, popcorn, etc.

What do you love most about the Co-op?

The sense of community; shopping and attending events with co-owners who share a common bond of supporting local producers; and the commitment to sustainability. We are unique — where else would you find volunteers willing to take donated t-shirts and make them into eco-friendly reusable bags for Food Co-op customers?

Have you ever made a suggestion to the Co-op and what was it?

My favorite tofu is the one made at Twin Oaks Farm. I drove to Charlottesville to buy it. Now we have it in Fredericksburg at our Co-op!

What advice would you have for someone thinking about checking out the Co-op?

Shopping at the Food Co-op is fun, especially discovering new and different products. Add to the pleasure by bringing a friend. Remember, if you forget your reusable bag, request a free t-shirt bag.