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Eating in season: December

It’s true that it gets harder (although not impossible) to stock your kitchen with fresh, locally grown vegetables as we move into the winter months. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still support the small farms that form the backbone of our local food system during this season. Winter is a season of recovery on farms. While farmers may have a little more time, and might actually be able to get away for a vacation, they know that important work is going on, as cover crops rebuild soil nutrients and snowfall allows moisture to soak in. Remember that there are still many ways to support local food producers–buy local eggs or meat, cut your Christmas tree or buy fresh holiday greenery from a local farm. Also remember that a membership in a community supported agriculture program makes a nice holiday gift (and so does a gift ownership in the Fredericksburg Food Cooperative!).

To keep your eating local, also look for value-added products from area producers this time of year. Fresh-baked breads, pickles, preserves and other products made with locally grown ingredients can introduce you to artisan producers right here in your community. The Fredericksburg Food Coop aims to make it easier to connect these producers with consumers to enjoy their delicious products.

What’s in season this month in Fredericksburg?

Apples, sweet potatoes, hearty greens, garlic, butternut squash, acorn squash, Brussels sprouts, turnips, carrots.

What to cook in December